Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Thailand

A trip with family to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Music: Kae Dai Kid Teang – Yarinda

Shot and Edited by: Chi Yin Tan


A proper goodbye

I loved your smiling face, I loved your kind heart.

The few years with you have brighten up my loneliness.

I remember everything you said, I remember the days I was crazy about you.

When love too much but fate too little, at least we should say a proper goodbye.

Always thought love will be forever, the days we were in love like forever.

Always thought we will share the same tomorrow and you were my complete world.

If only flower could bloom once again… If only we could correct all the mistakes once again…

How could we can easily lose all the cares we have gathered for each other the previous years.

Relationship should not be hurtful all the time, but why do love always comes with pain.

I do not want to let you down again, as we get disappointed because of our expectation.

When happiness smash and our heart broken…

At least we should say a proper goodbye… But how to say a proper goodbye?

I believe you will have a better tomorrow… Although I still dont want to forget about you.

Please do not give up of your naive smile, as we will embrace the next time we meet.

Although love will not be like the past anymore, but you will still always be my past.

Please forgive my silent goodbye.





Mystery Uncovered

Today I found the answer I always seek for, long for, and wonder for.

However I realised that I have forgotten to question myself, why, why I want to know the truth.

Today, I found the answer but I could not do anything about it. I know everything now, and what now?

The different routes set us apart… Everything are not the same as the past anymore.

We can just blame that we were not mature in handling stuff at the young age.

Sometimes, our only choice, or a better choice is just to let things go.

Heart is feeling empty, but also full of anxieties.

Sincerely wish you all the best. May we meet in the next cross road junction of life.

And… greet each other with biggest smile on our face.

TEDxKL Women

On the 5th of Decemeber 2013, TedxKL women had organized their second conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The title this year was “Money- Invented Here”. This was an inspiring talk where speakers shared about how they enjoy doing what they are passionate about and at the same time gain financial success through it. TedxKL women was hosted by Yasmin Yusoff. This TedxKL women speakers included Melody Hossaini, Sereni and Shentel, Rachel Koay, Cheryl Yeoh, Samantha Lee, Tintoy Chuo & Take Huat, and Joanne Kam.

This time, I was lucky to have the opportunity to be part of the team to bring out this event. There is no doubt that I have gained a lot of invaluable lessons in bringing out an event and of course, the priceless lessons that all the speakers shared with us. All of them were very knowledgable and skilled as they are experienced in the society, and expert in what they are doing. Here, I would share the pictures of the speakers and some of the words and knowledges that I especially liked and got inspired from.

2013-12-05 16.40.41

Melody Hossaini – The Apprentice UK 2011, Founder of InspirEngage

2013-12-05 19.06.51

Melody Hossaini is the Founder and CEO of InspirEngage International. She is a young female social entrepreneur with a strong profile globally. She started to work in the society at the age of 13, and she is now a successful business woman who has won multiples awards. The picture  above showing giving her talk to inspire the audience, urging people to stop if they do not like what they are doing now and start doing what they are passionate about. She is surely a role model for everybody especially for women.

Sereni and Shentel – Headband Designers

2013-12-05 19.26.36

Sereni and Shentel are from Kuching, Sarawak. They are both married women who love doing DIY. One day, they wanted to go see Lady Gaga in Singapore, and Sereni suggested to handmake the headband that Lady Gaga love to wear and dress up in flamboyant dressing for the party. Little that they know, the dressing made them became famous and the media was focusing in them, the next day, in the headline of Lady Gaga arrival, they caught the attention too and their picture was on the newspaper. Then, they had this crazy idea to make headbands that are eye catching. Using the advance technology, they sell their headbands successfully online.

Slowly, the media seems to notice them too. Sereni and Shentel got called up by the magazine and TV programs and got invited to go on the cover of magazine, to the show and many more. When things are going so well, they amazingly got contacted by the drama Gossip Girl and also Desperate Housewife to request of using their products in the show.

Sereni and Shentel remind us do not stop doing what you love to do. However, there are also time that we are tired and tough, however, do not give up and hang on there. They have take their actions and miracle happened to them, so people, just do it! So that miracle got the opportunity to knock at your door.

Rachel Koay – Queens Hostel, Penang

2013-12-05 20.08.52

Rachel Koay who always travel made her understand that it is dangerous for a woman to travel around. She realised that some budget hostel were not as safe for woman who travel alone. She owns an advertising company. One day, her friend suggested her this crazy idea of opening a hostel and they thought what they need to do was just to talk to the customers that is all. So where did the money come from? Rachel asserted that she and her friend did not want to ask for money from the parents and they need like at least RM200k to make this happen. So they have decided to raise money, and they got amazed that they have successfully raised the money in a very short time. As times go on, Rachel and her friend have gotten the acknowledgement through the rapid growth of their business and they also made the hostel 2nd place on Trip Advisor.

The part that I especially like was that Rachel said she believe there is a reason for our new day to start at 00:00am everyday. She asserted that because we need to start our day with dreaming first, and then make it happen when we wake up. I thought it was an interesting description and it is true.

Never stop dreaming, never stop there, start figuring out every single details that make you closer to your dreams.

Cheryl Yeoh – Technoprenuer & Founder Reclip.It & City Pockets)

2013-12-05 20.26.15

Cheryl Yeoh is a malaysian who have completed her studies in engineering at Cornell University, New York, with the full scholarship from JPA of Malaysia. She was the co-founder for CityPockets Inc. She also has a product called Reclip.It which serves customer with personalized shopping list and digital coupons app. She made remarkable accomplishment and the society have also acknowledged her ability with complimenting her in media and she also got nominated or voted as one of the influential persons as a woman and also a technoprenuer.

In the talk, she taught us that instead of following this diagram:

Passion > Success > Effort

We should actually see it this way:

Passion < Success < Effort

We make effort to become success and we then can follow our passion. She once asked a successful senior who is doing sink business, she asked him, how do you know that this is the one thing you want to do? The senior answered her, “Well, I don’t know exactly, but at least I am clear about what I DO NOT want to do.” Yeah, that makes thing a little simpler. She advised the audiences, if you do not know what you are doing right now, STOP. Do not try to get used to it, do not settle, CHANGE IT, challenge yourself, changing is not about a decision, it is about experimenting what would you really like to do.

She also gave us a little tips, if you want to something, do it wisely, without blindly following what you decided to do. The example she gave was, if you would like to open a restaurant which make best beef in town, but the community in the town are mostly vegetarian, you need to know that will never worked out, you might want to consider opening a vegetarian shop instead. She said that we just need to EXPLORE, IDENTIFY and then FOCUS. Following the diagram she explained to us, put EFFORT and lead you to SUCCESS, make SUSTAINABLE PASSION. She asserted that when you know you did something which everybody appreciate, you will be happy because you make people happy, and then that will slowly build up the passion as well.

Samantha Lee – Adorable Food Art for Kid’s Meal

2013-12-05 21.47.51

Samantha Lee is a food stylist who loves to make creative plate of meal art for her child, using her imagination with simple ingredients. I have noticed her on Intagram few months back as I am always amazed by her food art. People are calling Samantha an Instagram Star as she got famous on Insta and she got followers from all over the world. From Insta, she also got invited to magazine or different show on different country to talk about her food art. She showed us her previous food arts, at the same time demonstrating to us how she usually make it. She said she insisted of showing us because she think everybody can do it too, it is simple, what we need to do is just to have a little bit imaginations while preparing food. All the audiences were so amazed and also excited to see her food art, they are all amused and then started giggling, cheering and clapping. The picture above showing one of the best works that Samantha love, with her demonstration, she encourage all of us that we can do it too if we want to.

Tintoy Chuo & Take Huat – Star Wars in Wayang Kulit

2013-12-05 22.07.41

Tintoy Chuo is a founder of Actiontintoy Design Lab who is passionate in character design, and TakeHuat is a senior Art Directer based in an international advertising agency. One day, both of them had this idea to blend Star Wars into malaysia culture. After researching, they noticed that not many people know about Wayang Kulit. Therefore, they have decided to tell Star Wars story using Wayang Kulit. It turned out to be a cool idea which brought them to success. They gave a name to this show called “Peperangan Kulit”. This is not only a creative idea to use different way to tell story, it also introduce malaysian culture to people. Sometimes, we just have to put a little effort in something we do and use our imagination, then we are about to bring something creative which people will love and appreciate. In the screening time, children did not run away playing, they sit through the show quietly to finish “Peperangan Kulit” instead.

Joanne Kam – Malaysia’s Funniest Woman

2013-12-05 22.40.552013-12-05 22.23.13

Joanne Kam is a Radio DJ and also a Comedian Icon. She is famous with her humour and also her blue jokes. Her different style of comedy have break the conservative style which made her distinctive from the others. She is also a stage actor cum producer and single, who is the lady boss of her own destiny.

She shared her personal mantra in the talk:

Create your own platform > Do! Instead of talk! > Prepare to solve problems > Humility & faith > Understand the risks and rewards > Invest in yourself > Be the best > Pacing > Be true to yourself!

She has also shared with us the 5 pillars of success (that she said she did not copy online, haha):

Talent > Preparation > Determination > Passion > Grow a V (If you know what she means, lol)

So these are all the invaluable experiences that our excellence speakers share with us. Through their knowledges, I am sure all the audiences have learnt a lot on that night. The talk finished smoothly and I can see everybody had fun. It is sure an inspiring talk where everyone will rethink about their directions, or learnt something to do better in anything, or got inspired to do something important to them.

Grow Up

It is my 3rd months back in Malaysia.

What is the difference after the one year in the United Kingdom?

The biggest change I had would be… I have became much more appreciate that I am a Malaysian. Here, make me strongly feel that this is where I belong, I have been treated me like a family instead of some rare human beings.

Of course, I am happy to be around my friends and family that I love in this homeland. Even though I have started my work after only a month break, but I go back home from city more often than before. I meet my friends more often, and I realise that I love them so much.

Also, my personality made a slight differences. Compared to last time, I am now trying harder to do what I would want to do, without worrying too much. I used to get influenced by what people will think about me and then chicken out. But now, I will do what I think is the right thing to do, as long as I am happy, and also not harmful to anybody around me.

However, I realised that while my character is changing, so do the people around me. Sometimes, I found that someone that used to be my closest friend has became a stranger that I do not really understand now. Also, because of my character is different now, they have also found someone who understand them better, and eventually replace me in the role that I used to play. I have tried hard to search for the happiness we had been through, I thought we can do it over and over again no matter how old we are, but I have to admit, it is getting harder, and  maybe trying it too hard make things turn worst.

I am just so happen to go through this stage where all the people are growing due to different kind of circumstances, environment, or friend circles. The changes might be a good thing to make us a better person. Maybe I am the one who have never grow much. There is always a child in me who is still impulsive, like to have fun without thinking much and talking too directly without considering whether people like it or not. Growing is hurtful sometimes, when you know this require more rational than doing anything impulsive, without considering what is going to happen next. That will not work anymore for an adult. You need to be responsible for what you are going to do.

Anyways, here is a nice quote:

You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing. – George Bernard Shaw